My soul type revealed

For a while I have been reading this very inspirational blog on self-discovery and spirituality. Lindsay’s posts are simply moving and they never fail to motivate me to do better things each day. One of her posts is about Soul Types, taken from Ainslie MacLeod’s book “The Instruction”. I haven’t read the book yet but I took the quiz nonetheless. It was a step closer to getting to know me, myself, and I. Besides, 30-day is all about 30 little things I already knew or things I will soon discover about myself.

The results said I am a Helper. I am also a mixture of the Caregiver and Spiritualist types. Overall, I am beaming with the desire and dedication to help people and I have unquestionable loyalty to those I love. And both are actually true.

Helper types have plenty of common sense, and a pragmatic approach to problems that ensures things get done. With their no-nonsense, roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-the-job-done approach to life, Helpers keep the modern world rolling. Without them, our cities would grind to a halt, and the infrastructure of our societies would crumble.

If you’re a Helper type, it’s important to find something or someone you can devote yourself to. For that reason, dedication to a career, partner, family, or friends will come easily to you. You might even throw yourself behind a cause, like getting someone elected, or ensuring that a ballot measure gets passed.

As a Helper, you are unlikely to seek out a leadership role, since you’re probably happiest diligently working behind the scenes. Many Helpers will spend long years in the same job, proud to have never missed a day of work. On the downside, your soul’s desire to be of service can get you into trouble since it can be hard to say no, and you may become overwhelmed by all the tasks you take on.

If you’d like to know your own Soul Type, you can take the quiz here.

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Diplomatic Statements in Love

I learned and am still learning lots of new things in my Polsci 184 class. It is a course on diplomatic and consular relations – a topic which has long fascinated me since it is directly related to international relations. One of the lessons we had was about diplomatic language. Ma’am Palacios told us about guarded understatements – statements used in diplomacy that convey very sharp messages without being impolite and provocative. As she was discussing them, my mind wandered off and likened these terms to “love language.” Some thoughts I gathered were:

“cannot remain indifferent to the situation” means:
In diplomacy: My government will take a certain position.
In love: I think there is something wrong.

“views with deep concern” means:
In diplomacy: Upset but not yet going to intervene
In love: “Okay, I’ll let this situation pass. But, next time…”

“would feel bound to consider its position” means:
In diplomacy: Taking a shift from a friendly to a hostile position
In love: I am thinking about having a cool off.

“would formulate express reservation” means:
In diplomacy: The government will not allow such things to happen.
In love: I will not break up with you.

“will be obliged to claim a free hand” or “will be obliged to consider its own interests” means:
In diplomacy: Means that the rupture or break in relations is considered. Also means that the friendship between countries is no longer important.
In love: The couple is having a cool off. Or worse, a break up.

“an unfriendly act” means:
In diplomacy: Means threat of war
In love: threat of breaking up

“will not be responsible for the consequences” means:
In diplomacy: Provoking actions that could lead to war
In love: Provoking actions that could lead to a break-up (e.g. flirting, cheating etc.)

“if you do not respond by [date] and [time]” means:
In diplomacy: An ultimatum or declaration of war
In love: Red alert! Either you make up or you break up. Forever.