Who is Jenieros?

My name is Jenieros. I stopped counting my age after I celebrated my 20th birthday. By day, I am a researcher. By night, I am (still) a researcher (on overtime work). My loves include: yellow roses, long walks on the beach, KitKat chocolates, a romantic sunset, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

This blog will serve as repository of my adventures and philosophies (don’t worry they’re not too deep). I have this outrageous fear of amnesia so I want to keep my memories by writing about them. Expect to read more of my day-to-day battles, travels, music, and just about anything I feel writing about.

My life is a work in progress as is this blog. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and stick around!


2 thoughts on “Who is Jenieros?

    • I’m in market research. Interesting – different products and methods every time plus I get to see the ads that will never air on TV. Challenging – because it can also get physically taxing especially when you have loads of projects and “not-so-friendly” clients. Shhhh… Hahaha

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