Philosophies of Calvin and Hobbes

I’ve been reading comic books since I first learned to read. My uncle used to buy either local or foreign comic books for us when we were kids. Time went and most of them have rotten, but their influence remained. I went beyond the abakada and became a superhero of my own story because of those comic books. I still keep a few collections and read them, but mostly online. One of my favorites is Calvin and Hobbes. I love little rambunctious Calvin and his innocent playful stuffed tiger Hobbes. I value the socio-political content and life philosophies shared by Bill Watterson in his creation, but I cherish Calvin and Hobbes more because it showed the essence of friendship and joys of childhood. It was sad when the comic ended, but we know Calvin and Hobbes are still out there continuing their adventures.

This is a personal favorite.

There were also the “socks” and “flat tire” strips.

Calvin and Hobbes on human nature and death.

You can never argue against the wisdom of a mother.

And strike!

This particular strip moved me. Its message spans decades and decades to come.

And we all would like to explore with you, Calvin and Hobbes.


4 thoughts on “Philosophies of Calvin and Hobbes

  1. I love Calvin & Hobbes! We had a serious collection growing up and I love going “home” and flipping through the couple of books that have survived the years. My ultimate favourite is when C&H make a bunch of snowmen to campaign against Calvin’s Dad. The sign that reads “Egad, Bad Dad!” makes me laugh. Every time.

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