We ♥ Venus Raj viral video and other Major Major things

Filipinos are popular for being optimistic. We always look at the brighter side of things and learn from the mistakes we committed. A day after the tragic hostage taking of Chinese nationals aboard a tourist bus in Quirino grandstand YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even PerezHilton.com generated almost a million hits when four fanatics of the Miss Universe pageant went wild after Ms. Philippines Venus Raj made it to the Top 15. As most of us know by now, Venus bagged the fourth runner-up spot and we also know why she landed there. I can only imagine how Veejay Floresca and friends gone “major, major” crazy after the Top 5 was announced. So, I am re-posting the viral video which altered the mood of the entire Philippines last Tuesday. Enjoy watching!

Moving on to other “major, major” things, I found other hilarious pageant Q&A videos. First, we have Ms. South Carolina’s confusing answer during Ms. Teen USA 2007. Second, Ms. California’s booed opinion during Ms. USA 2009. And, of course, we have our own Janina San Miguel’s I-don’t-feel-any-pressure-right-now response during Bb. Pilipinas 2008.

My take: It was her opinion. No matter how unpopular it seemed, it remains a legitimate answer.

My take: I was uh… like, also confused and such as the Iraq. Uh, can you repeat the question? You can find the text for her answer here.

My take: There’s always room for improvement.


2 thoughts on “We ♥ Venus Raj viral video and other Major Major things

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